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Holbein Artist Oil Pastel RED

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Oil pastels are stick-shaped paints made by kneading pigments with wax and oil to create a soft texture. It can also be dissolved in turpentine, a solvent for oil paints, or petrol to create a colored surface.

  • The color spreads very well and is very soft and spreads smoothly.
  • There are many pigments that can create a wide range of neutral colors with vivid color development, so when you mix white to create a bright color, a wide range of neutral colors will be created. If you use the color as it is, you can create a dense expression and add sharpness to your work.
  • Excellent lightfastness We use a lot of excellent pigments with little fading.
  • The pigments adhere firmly to the surface with strong adhesion, so you can create works that look like they were made with oil paint.
  • Pastel, which does not contain harmful substances, is drawn directly with the fingers, so the effects on the skin and the health effects of entering the mouth through the fingers must be considered. Holbein oil pastels do not use any harmful materials in this respect, so you can use them with confidence.
  • Use a crayon coat to protect the screen. Oil pastels are inherently non-drying and will stain your hands when you touch the screen. After completion, please apply "crayon coat" to protect the screen