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宮武裕先生マイコレクション展 広島を愛した物故画人たち

Yutaka Miyatake's My Collection Exhibition: Painters of the past who loved Hiroshima

Currently, in the Gallery of Galleria Reino Hiroshima Main Store, we are exhibiting works owned by Hiroshi Miyatake, a monk with many different faces who is also involved in early childhood education, an oil painter, and an iron sculptor.

We have decided to hold a collection exhibition at our store as there is a desire to part with the paintings that have been treasured for many years.

All of the exhibited works are by deceased artists who made Hiroshima their hometown.

Kunzo Minami, a master of pre-war Japanese Western painting who graduated from the Tokyo Fine Arts School, whose works are currently on display at the Rantokaku Museum, and last year's special exhibition of "Sakako Hamasaki, a rebellious painter who loved Hiroshima" at the Izumi Museum of Art. The works of Sakako Hamasaki, who conducted the event, are also on display.

Approximately 20 works by famous painters who call Hiroshima home are on display, making it a very impressive exhibition.

It will be on display until March 1st, so please come and visit us.

List of exhibited works

Shigeru Oki, Kunzo Minami , Sakako Hamasaki, Masayuki Nagara, Yoshiro Nagase, Yasuaki Asai, Masao Seno, Tatsuro Matsunaga, Yukito Yamanaka, Inami Nitta, Yoshiro Fukui, Yaozou Sorano, Kazu Kinoshita, Teruo Shinnobe, Hisanori Masuda, and others.

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