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Kashie Cow





Kashie Cow はこんな方におすすめ


お部屋の雰囲気に合うか、すぐに飽きてしまわないか、いきなり絵画を購入するのは勇気が必要です。 そんな方には、定額で最短2ヵ月借りられる絵画のサブスクが最適







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Let's find the perfect work there

Would you like to incorporate art that will brighten your mood just by decorating it in a place where you can always see it?

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Precautions when using

・There is no restriction on the rental period. You can borrow from a minimum of 1 month.

・ You can purchase works other than "purchase only works". Please send us the necessary information and the title of the work from the form on the work details page, or contact us by email.

・In the unlikely event that there is a work that cannot be delivered even if you apply, such as a limited number of works or a work that the artist has sold/rented elsewhere, we will refund you immediately as soon as we receive confirmation.

・If the shipment of the work is significantly delayed (more than one month) due to the artist's circumstances, the payment will be withdrawn from the month the work arrives.

(We will refund the rental fee for the late month.)

・Free shipping for the first delivery, only free shipping for returns after the first exchange. The exchange fee and shipping fee for new works is ¥ 1,000.

・Excuse me, but please bear the shipping fee for returning the work when you cancel.

・If the product is delivered to Hiroshima City, the exchange fee and shipping fee are free. If you wish, we will also do the installation work. (Additional charges apply for picture rails, etc.)

・If the work or frame is damaged or lost during the rental period, you may be charged for the work. (Intentional damage, coloring due to cigarettes, damage due to fire, etc.)

・The subscription renewal date is the first application date of each month.

・When canceling, please apply for cancellation and ship the work from My Page, by e-mail, or by phone at least one week before the next renewal date. After the product arrives, we will inspect it and send you an email notifying you of the cancellation.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at the contact information below.