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Artist registration

All you have to do to enter is to fill in the necessary items and send a photo of the work taken from the front. We do not charge registration fees or exhibition fees.

Compensation system

sale rental
Pay 70% of the selling price Pay 40% of the monthly rental fee
Special prices on our art supplies, canvases, frames, etc.
In order to support artists, we will offer special prices for painting materials, canvases, and other items that are essential for production during the period when works are exhibited on this site.
Art supplies are 16% off on our art supplies online sales, and frames are 21% off for registered users. (Some products have different discount rates.) Please send us an e-mail for framing simulations and frame orders.

You can exhibit as many as you like

There is no limit on the number of works that can be exhibited for both rental and sale, so you can exhibit as many as you like. Works of any technique such as oil painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, colored pencil painting, pastel painting, and alcohol ink art can be entered.

It is also possible to exhibit works that are not framed
Galleria Reino is a store specializing in art materials and picture frames, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to exhibit works that are not framed . You can of course order the amount you like, but it is also possible to suggest a nice amount and mat by entrusting you.
Framed simulation is also possible.
You can order the frame when you rent or purchase the work, or when you enter. Doing.
We will ship to the customer after the frame is finished.
You can also exhibit on other art sales platforms
Since we want many people to see our wonderful works, we can also enter works that have been exhibited at other sites or galleries.
If the work has been purchased or rented elsewhere, please let us know by email or phone. We will remove it from the work list as soon as possible.
Create an artist profile page
After artist registration is completed, we will create an artist profile. You can use it like a simple website, so you can post it on your SNS, blog, etc. to attract customers and advertise.
If there is anything you would like to include in your profile, please do so at the time of registration.
Available for sale only or rental only
If you don't want to sell your work, or if you don't want to rent it out, we are happy to accept either exhibit. Please select when registering as an artist.
Introduction on SNS
We will introduce new works and featured works on the official Instagram of Galleria Reino's online gallery. You can also tag your own account in the post, so if you have SNS, please write it in the profile entry field when registering as an artist.

How to distribute to 4 rental plans

starter plan Regular plan Premium plan Super premium plan
¥2,200 per month (tax included) ¥3,300 per month (tax included) ¥5,800 per month (tax included) ¥9,800 per month (tax included)
Purchase price ~ ¥ 29,999 Purchase price¥30,000~¥99,999 Purchase price¥100,000~¥299,999 Purchase price¥300,000~¥1,000,000

Flow to exhibit 

Fill in the required items from the form
Please do not forget to fill in your profile, SNS, etc.
work entry
Once artist registration is complete, a link to the work upload form will be sent to the registered email address, so please enter your work from there.
Completion of registration
After a brief review, management will contact you within a week.
Once registration is complete, we will send you an email that describes the flow of the sales contract and notes, so please be sure to check it.

Other notes

Payment of sales/rental fee

・Payment will be made by bank transfer or PayPay.

・In the case of bank account transfer, sales and rental fees can be withdrawn from the balance of 7,000 yen or more with no transfer fee.

・If you withdraw with a balance of less than 7,000 yen, please pay the actual transfer fee.

・In the case of remittance by PayPay, the remittance fee is free, so the transfer is possible regardless of the balance.

・Please contact us by email for the current sales balance of the artist. We will check your statement and balance.

About shipping works

・If a customer purchases or rents an item, we will contact you via your registered email/phone number. (address below)

・We apologize for the inconvenience, but please bear the packing fee and shipping fee for shipping the work.

(In the case of sale, we recommend including the shipping and packaging charges in the price of the work.)

・If we cannot contact you for more than 2 weeks after contacting us, we may cancel your rental/sales application.

・It is also possible to enclose a message card addressed to the customer.

After inspection, it will be shipped together with the work.

・Please be assured that the contact information and address of the artist will not be known to the customer.

If the work is purchased/rented, we will contact you by email or phone, so please ship the work to the Galleria Reino main store within one week. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the registrant will be responsible for the shipping fee when sending the work.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at the contact information below.

First work entry

Click here for artist registration and work entry

We will contact you by email within one week after the work entry.

work entry