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Hari Tatsuo

Printmaker, picture book writer, illustrator
1974 Born in Tottori Lives in Osaka

Studied under the late manga artist Tao Nakajima

Studied under Western-style painter Fumihiro Seike

Special Lecturer, Department of Character Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design

Experienced in the design department of a theme park development company and an advertising company.
Started producing prints on the theme of the posthumous work of his older brother, a singer-songwriter.

It will be sold at department stores and galleries nationwide.
His landscape paintings have a particularly good reputation, and he has been described as a ``poet of landscape paintings''.

Benesse picture book author

Bungeisha Publishing Award Monthly Award
TOKOHA CG ART Exhibition 2005 Encouragement Prize Ehime Shimbun Advertisement Award Grand Prize Winner CI Design Toyonaka City Art Exhibition Tarence Japan Award Member of Contemporary Art Association of Japan


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