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Maruman Gasen paper with bamboo blinds

Original price $3.00 - Original price $13.00
Original price $3.00
$3.00 - $12.00
Current price $3.00

Maruman's picture letter series boasting a rich lineup.
You can enjoy the beautiful colors and soft texture of "bleeding" that is unique to Gasenshi.

      ・Domestic painting paper (Echizen) is painting paper made in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture.
      ・It has a soft surface with a hand-made texture and a deep screen.
      ・It absorbs ink and facial coloring well, and the colors can be faithfully reproduced.
    ・It is a paper that is easy to draw even for those who start picture letters.

Body dimensions length 148 x width 100 x thickness 8 mm Body size length 148 x width 100 mm