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Cat Town Cats Town (New/Special Commemorative Sale)

Original price ¥15,000 - Original price ¥15,000
Original price
¥15,000 - ¥15,000
Current price ¥15,000

Writer Hiroyuki Hattori

Purchase price ¥ 15,000 (tax included)

Size: Length 315mm Width 415mm

Drawing Paper DigitalPen & HighQualityPrint Framed

○ About the theme of this work / The author drew a charming cat against the backdrop of downtown Tokyo in the Showa era so that it can be displayed in the rooms of cat lovers. With a wish that the relationship between cats and humans will be better.

○ Reference * This work is a special price of 50% of the regular price.
*This work will be the first edition (1/20) of the 20 giclee limited works.
*After the book is sold out, we plan to sell/rent the next edition (5/20-20/20) at the regular price.
* The work will contain the author's signature and Jigley number.
*Please note that the special sale of this work will change to the regular price without notice.
*In the future, the author will donate 10% of the author's earnings to the Animal Welfare Association according to the theme of this work.