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Nagaoka Fireworks 2019

Original price ¥6,600 - Original price ¥6,600
Original price
¥6,600 - ¥6,600
Current price ¥6,600

WriterKuromi Yukina

Purchase price not disclosed

rental only

It is a one-shot work with no processing and only development.
A 1mm aluminum plate is pasted on the lining and a gaiter is attached.
If you stick two nails into the wall, you can easily hang it and decorate it.

■ Size Length 296mm x Width 446mm

■ In addition, due to the fact that it was displayed on the wall for several months, there is a slight chipping and dirt of about 1 mm on the left side.
Please refrain from those who are concerned about it.

絵画サブスク スタンダードプラン