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Ryujin and Maria's Knot

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Writer Mii

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Price ¥68,000 (tax included)

50 cm long x 40 cm wide

In order to convey it through the work, I draw the appearance of the dragon god.

[Prayer for Peace]
The purification of Shinshu Lake Suwa, the revival of Japan's ancient land, and the revival of Japan's Yamato spirit will save the world and purify the earth.

Pillars of light stand all over the world, making flowers bloom in life that has been kept alive.
Realize the role of each person, stand up, and start walking on the path of harmony.

Let the flowers of love bloom on the earth when humans return to humans.

I put charcoal, obsidian, crystal, lava from Mt. Fuji, water from Lake Suwa, gold, silver, wood, and the sun in my work.
Eight energies overlap, and purification begins from Yamato.

It would be my pleasure if I could pass on this message from heaven to all the people I meet, laugh and walk with.